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"As a veterinarian, I understand how the digestive, cardiovascular and respiratory systems all interact. 

As a military officer, I've been trained in systems-based auditing of our food safety/food supply system and strategic planning techniques. 

These same techniques and principles can be applied to issue-based advocacy campaigns, business management of regulatory issues, and achieving personal health and wellness goals."

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Angela has extensive experience developing campaign and issue advocacy strategy for organizations and was a 2016 candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives.  

In addition to being a veterinarian and veteran, Angela has her MPH from the University of Southern California's Keck School of Medicine and is a Certified High Performance Coach.


Angela successfully leveraged technology and used basic statistics to develop an innovative, real-time polling method that provided accurate, aggregate data for an 8-county district.

Angela is committed to providing the same innovative, thoughtful approach to her clients.


Angela believes our own personal health and wellness is the #1 factor in achieving successful work-life integration and personal happiness. 

She enjoys lifting weights and eventing her thoroughbred, Tommy, as part of her personal wellness goals and work-life integration plan.  

Our Services

Coaching and Consulting Services are quoted based on the needs of each contract. We work with Individuals, Small Businesses and Organizations.

Consulting Services

Available in 1, 3, or 6 month packages —Designed for Entrepreneurs to leverage current resources and implement a systems based problem solving approach.

Systems based thinking restructures any problem by identifying the systems with direct and tangential impact.  Answering the important question: How can we spend less time and resources AND get closer to our goal?

High Performance Coaching

A 12 week program designed for busy professionals who are serious about improving their clarity, energy, courage, & productivity.

Issue Advocacy & Campaign Strategy

Variable project Rate — We work with organizations to develop thoughtful, innovative, strategic plans for implementation of public health campaigns & advocacy of public health and veterinary issues.

"As a result of my time working with Angela, I have been able to get clear on the areas of my work that should be delegated. Not only have I been able to identify the tasks, but I also have the knowledge of where to start to actually make that transition a reality. I have now been able to outsource some of the key tasks that will allow me to focus my time and energy on further growing the business."

Jamie S.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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