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Angela has spent the last decade turning difficult to understand scientific concepts into easy to understand sound bytes through her work as a subject matter expert in Washington, D.C. for a national organization and at home in Indiana for a state regulatory agency where she effectively led a team of 40, part-time, intermittent employees in a highly regulated environment.  


Most recently she leveraged innovation and technology to develop a real-time polling method using basic statistics, available technology, and volunteers during her 2016 Congressional race, effectively flipping 1 of 8 counties for the first time. 

She has been an invited speaker at several universities and guest lecturer on topics ranging from animal law to political science and presented on various careers and career transitions at national veterinary conferences.   

Angela recently retired as a MAJ in the US Army Reserves, where she led a team of Soldiers across two countries and several remote locations while deployed to the Middle East.  She understands first hand how to inspire, motivate and identify strengths across a diverse team to accomplish a collective mission.  

In addition to her leadership experiences as a veterinarian and veteran, she holds a Master of Public Health from the University of Southern California's Keck School of Medicine in biostatistics and epidemiology and is a Certified High Performance Coach. 


Schedule Your Strategy Session

As a veterinarian, I understand how the digestive, cardiovascular and respiratory systems all interact.

As a military officer, I've been trained in systems-based auditing of our food safety/food supply chain and strategic planning techniques. These same techniques and principles can be applied to political and issue-based advocacy campaigns, business management of regulatory issues, and achieving personal health and wellness goals.



3, 6 or 12-month consulting contract, Angela will work with your existing team to design and implement an effective issue-based advocacy campaign strategy and coach your team using high-performance habits and strategic back-planning techniques to execute the strategy and overcome any obstacles and roadblocks along the way. 

Want to get your employees organized and thriving through the COVID-19 pandemic?  Do you want to better meet their needs and concerns to improve business outcomes? 

Click the icon above to schedule time with Angela to discuss your unique needs and learn innovative, high performance strategies to support your team.


A 1 or 2-day workshop to introduce participants to high performance principles and techniques to reach heightened levels of clarity, energy, courage, productivity, and influence in life.

Ready to work with Angela now? Want to go from living in Survival Mode to Thriving as a Busy Professional?




Speaker for Continuing Education on the issues of high performance, strategic planning, or career transitions. 


"As a result of my time working with Angela, I have been able to get clear on the areas of my work that should be delegated. Not only have I been able to identify the tasks, but I also have the knowledge of where to start to actually make that transition a reality. I have now been able to outsource some of the key tasks that will allow me to focus my time and energy on further growing the business."

Jamie S.
Co-Founder & CEO

"I had no idea what to expect from High Performance Coaching when I started working with Angela, but I am so very glad I gave it a try! Angela really helped me do a deep dive into what was holding me back from achieving my goals, in a positive and creative way. She made me question things I had never thought to consider before and helped me find the answers that I needed most. At the end of each session, I really felt like she guided me to conclusions that I felt confident in and excited by. The two areas of my life that were impacted the most through our work were Clarity and Productivity. I had no idea that I already had some of the tools I needed to succeed in both areas -- Angela just knew out to bring them out. In just 12 weeks, I made more positive steps forward and answered more important "life questions" than I had in the previous decade. I am thrilled to have worked with her and would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking to reach the next level -- either professionally or personally. Or both!"

Shelly F.
Operations Management Consultant

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