Can we travel safely yet?

I'll be interviewing Jonathan Baktari, MD, on Tuesday for Beyond the Stethoscope podcast.  He is a healthcare CEO of a company called "the Uber of preventive medicine" and was named the Best Technology Company in the Healthcare Space in 2019.

We all have questions about COVID-19, when and how it's safe to travel, and wanting more clear information around booster shots and vaccine safety--especially for kids under 12 yr. old.  

*Disclaimer: We can't legally provide specific healthcare advice for you or your family, and the podcast is for entertainment purposes only. 

We will have an honest conversation about how to get your questions answered, what the science says and where to keep up to date on reliable information.  

Reserve your seat, join the conversation, and get your questions answered! 


Dr. Jonathan Baktari, is a healthcare CEO, a vaccine and COVID-19 expert, and a physician with specialties in internal, pulmonary, and critical care medicine. He and his team at e7 Health specialize in preventative medicine, vaccinations, and testing for viruses. In short, Dr. Baktari offers the inside scoop on healthcare.



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