How to ADD more time!

If you've ever uttered the phrase, "But you don't understand, I just don't have enough time!"

You are not alone. 

It's one of my favorite go-to's when I'm feeling stress and overwhelm and a clue to me that I need to get off the hamster wheel, yet again, get refocused, and get back to the tried and true formulas and equations that have stopped overwhelm dead in its tracks

Are we bending time and space with a crazy mathematical equation? 

No, but that does sound like a fun way to spend a Friday afternoon (don't worry, no calculus is required for this activity!) 

To ADD more time we need to Automate, Delegate, or Delete tasks that aren't bringing us joy, can be delegated for fewer dollars per hour than we currently make, or don't need to be done by anyone.  

Remember the 80/20 rule? 20% of the activities yield 80% of the outcome.  So what are the 20% that you need to keep doing and can you delete the other 80%?  *GASP* 

I get it, this can be really scary, especially when, "it's faster just to do it myself than..." or "but if it doesn't get done, then _________person will be disappointed..." Or will they? 

I decided to test this in my own life and was pretty shocked at the results.  I just had enough, there wasn't any more time in my day, and I wasn't getting the support I needed to complete a project that I thought was important and I was stressed to the max over.  I shared publicly that I was working on this so I would have the motivation to finish it. 

It was only important to me, there was the potential for a negative impact but only to me, and in the big picture, it didn't matter at that moment.  

So I just stopped, I just didn't do it. 

and ya know what, THERE WAS NO IMPACT. None, Nada, Zilch, Zip!  No one even noticed. No one was disappointed, not a peep from the peanut gallery. 

So, maybe you don't stop doing 80% of everything, but likely there's something that can go by the wayside, and probably no one but you will even notice.  

Or maybe you can Automate tasks -- how much $$ is your time worth per hour?  How much time do you spend waste doing tasks that can be automated and don't bring you any joy?  If you are making $20+ per hour, why are you hesitant to spend $4.99 to have your groceries delivered? 

When I automated my grocery delivery, it saved me 1 hour per week in planning (um, I eat basically the same thing each week) and 1-2 hours driving and in the store. so for saving 3 hours of my time, and only cost me an extra $5-10? 

Seems like an easy trade-off, now, doesn't it? 

So why are we so determined to do EVERYTHING OURSELVES?  

Even harder (drum roll please) Delegation!

Take a moment and list off all the reasons/excuses that you are hesitant to delegate more.  Do any of these sound familiar? 

  • But it's faster to just do it myself
  • I don't have time to train/teach someone to do it
  • It's too hard/time-consuming/expensive to hire when they either don't work out or don't stay
  • It adds to my stress and workload vs. lightening it

This is why I'm super excited to introduce my guest, Dr. Michael Neal, this week on Beyond the Stethoscope Podcast.  He gets it and has experienced all of these same stressors so he set out to solve these problems for himself and everyone else! 

Dr. Michael Neal is an Optometrist and the Founder of Build My Team, a company dedicated to helping healthcare professionals find the right team members for their practices. Over the many years of growing his practice, he has invented a scientific and predictable way to hire superstar team members. Dr. Neal takes the guesswork out of hiring with this scientific process and saves other healthcare providers valuable time while helping to reduce turnover.

Send your questions to [email protected] or join the conversation live and get them answered in REAL-TIME!

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