How to deal with Bullies!

We are speaking with Marilise de Villiers, author of ROAR! How to tame the bully inside and out this week on the BTS podcast. 

Here's your chance to get all of your questions about how to deal with bullies and make sure you aren't one answered LIVE and meet the author.  

Many of us have a story about being bullied or remember a time when, *gasp* we might have been a bully.  

While deployed, I was bullied by a higher-ranking female officer, and it was the single most difficult situation I had to navigate during that year-long deployment. 

It was the one situation that the Army didn't train me on.  

We had extensive training on how to handle weapons systems, I'm now trained in six weapons systems, quite literally "rode shotgun" in a vehicle while deployed, can clear an AK-47 off the battlefield, and was trained in hand-to-hand combat with the enemy.

But what happens when it's your battle buddy that's the bully?  How do we navigate these situations as leaders in the workplace? 

I believe that this is one form of toxic leadership that crops up more than you might imagine and can be one of the most difficult to navigate - because - it's the one we aren't taught how to deal with once we leave kindergarten.  After all, ignoring the bully only gets you so far in corporate America. 

In 2019, we talked with Marilise about authentic leadership and how to ROAR into the new decade. I'm excited to welcome her back to discuss the bullying side of how to develop a positive workplace culture!


Marilise de Villiers is the founder and CEO of Marilise de Villiers Basson Consulting. She’s a mover and shaker in the cybersecurity space and is changing the current landscape. She believes that people are the greatest asset when it comes to keeping organisations and society safe. Her approach is to coach and support cybersecurity executives on the design and delivery of effective people and behavioural change strategies.

Through her consulting, training, and coaching she is on a mission to create high performing cultures. Integral to this work is her conviction that the workplace today is in dire need of more kindness, clarity, and engagement around a common vision in order to deliver world-class results. Looking past our differences and seeing the good in others can make our working lives a lot happier, more fulfilling, productive, and profitable.

Marilise’s one-to-one clients usually come to her when they are facing challenging situations at work that seem unsolvable. They feel isolated and alone and are simply tired of firefighting; they need a simple approach that will help them take back control. Working with Marilise brings clarity on the person they wish to become and the legacy they wish to leave behind.


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