How to Dethrone Your Inner Critic!

inner critic leadership Jun 05, 2021

Have you ever wondered why it was so much easier to learn new things back in college and now that we are professionals out in the real world, our "inner critic" has gotten louder? 

We are now viewed as leaders and suddenly we have to have all the answers... or do we? 

On Tuesday, June 8th, I'm talking with Joanna Kleinman about how to dethrone our inner critics to enjoy being lifelong learners -- even as leaders!

Part of the Beyond The Stethoscope Mission is to bring the experts to you, who you may not have yet met, and who can frame the conversation in new and unique ways. 

Joanna is a licensed psychotherapist, a national workshop leader, and an upcoming author with more than 22 years of experience working in private practice with clients both locally and all over the world via zoom. 
She created the online transformational program called “Dethroning Your Inner Critic™, and a podcast. It is an approach that centers around her groundbreaking M.I.N.D Method, which consists of examining the habitual and conditioned thoughts and beliefs in our minds that have been playing on a repetitive loop for our whole lives, and are as transparent as breathing. 

She teaches clients to rewire the automatic hardwiring in their minds, not by changing the conditioned thoughts, but by breaking the habit of giving energy and attention to the conditioned thoughts and beliefs.  The M.IN.D Method is one-of-a-kind and its foundation is guided by the unconventional idea that you don’t need a lifetime to learn, master, and then change the processes of the mind. 
Most people try to change the external circumstances of their lives in order to think and feel the contentment and satisfaction they desire.  Her methods focus on changing from the inside out.  This is the type of transformation that leads you to ‘waking up' and viewing the world in a different way.   

We all learn differently, so we are scouring the web for leaders and experts in their fields or busy professionals, just like you, who found innovative solutions and are willing to share them! 

You can join the conversation and get your questions answered live -- Just reserve your seat here: 


I talked to Joanna in June of 2019 and she shared some really powerful tips and practical insight around procrastination, how to get off of the hamster wheel of life, and kick our inner critic out of the driver seat!

Check it out here!

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