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dreaming friendship fun values Jul 24, 2021

Last year, I invited Aarti Tejuja on the podcast to share a story about shared values and friendship from our youth.  

In the middle of the pandemic, it was the kind of story that rekindled friendships and provided some sense of hope and shared humanity in the world.  

I couldn't be more excited than to announce she'll be on the podcast again on Tuesday, July 27th to share her best tips around how to find more Joy in life and start dreaming again.  

Remember back when we were kids and spent all day laying down in the grass looking up at the clouds with our imaginations running wild.  The possibilities before us for all life could hold? The fun and freedom we had just riding our bikes with the wind in our hair and the sun shining down?

When did that get replaced with the day-to-day rushing from task to task on our never-ending to-do lists? and more importantly, why did we allow that to occur?

So if you want to take a bit of time this summer to laugh, have some fun and rekindle or revive your spirit, please join us on Tuesday for an inspiring and fun conversation and reserve your seat below!



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