Positive Culture Wins in Business and in Life!

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Cultivating a positive culture is something we hear about on the news and in the workplace. Sometimes it's effective and other times, it's not. 

I'd be willing to hazard a guess that you've also sat through a meeting at some point where the executives all patted themselves on the back for a job well done.

They organized a keynote speaker, facilitator, or highly paid consultant, and yet, you and your colleagues, the ones who knew exactly what would improve the culture and strategic insight for real-world outcomes -- were never asked your opinions or insights...

So the effort fell flat, was swept under the table, and wasn't discussed again until the board had new members, about 5-6 years later. 

Like you, I've had this experience and I'm always asking "What can we learn to become better leaders and be happier in life?"

Part of the Beyond The Stethoscope Mission is to bring the experts to you, those you may not have yet met, and who can frame the conversation in new and unique ways. 

On Tuesday, we'll be talking with Gary Wilbers, a certified high-performance coach, author, speaker, and expert in how to cultivate a positive culture in business and in life. 

We all learn differently, so we are scouring the web for leaders and experts in their fields or busy professionals, just like you, who found innovative solutions and are willing to share them! 

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