The Future of Medicine: Remote Monitoring Of Patients

innovation Sep 24, 2021

I couldn't be more excited than to have a great conversation with my guest this week on Beyond the Stethoscope Podcast!  

Many of you are aware of my interest and dedication to innovation to improve the lives of people and animals, well, Joshua Budman is doing just that with remote monitoring of diabetes patients and those with chronic illness.  

When I heard this, I thought, WOW! that technology has so many applications in both the human and veterinary health space, how cool would it be to improve our treatment effectiveness by remotely monitoring cats with high blood pressure or our diabetic patients who don't always want to eat...

I'm excited to learn more and see where the conversation goes.  If you'd love to listen in and get your questions answered in real-time, please join us on Tuesday at 1 pm EST.  

Reserve your spot here--space is limited.


Joshua Budman is the VP of Analytics of Net Health – a comprehensive software solution provider for the medical industry. Joshua is also an experienced technologist with strong experience working in the information technology and services industry – skilled in machine learning, computer learning, and other impressive skill sets!

Previously Joshua was Co-Founder and CTO of Tissue Analytics – a Net Health company, in which Joshua operated from 2014 to 2020.

Numbers wise, Net Health was founded in 1993, serves over 23k facilities – including 98% of the largest hospital chains – two-third of skilled nursing homes, and many leading hospice organizations!


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