Struggle Less and Accomplish More!

I couldn't be more excited to talk with Dr. Melanie Barham.  She unabashedly follows her dreams and turns them into reality. 

But how does she do it with such grace and apparent ease (and so quickly?!) Things like, oh, launching a global summit, successfully, in only 3 months! 

Those of you who have been following @DEMAREEDVM on social media, reading the blog, or listening to the podcast, probably already know that I'm all about finding that leverage point, that strategy, that key decision that unlocks our sticking points and catapults us forward, so I already know you'll love Dr. Melanie's insights and best tips!

We are going to answer your most pressing questions that I've been fielding all year like:

  • Is it possible to have a work-life balance AND accomplish an ambitious goal?
  • Can I have more than one priority at a time and still move a dream forward?
  • When do I know it's time to quit a project?
  • How can I apply project management and productivity hacks to improve ALL areas of my life?


To get us started, I'm re-sharing my Venn diagram for work-life balance.  

I'm convinced of 2 universal truths: 

1. Pareto's principle; that 80% of success is attributed to 20% of the actions.  Those actions, I believe, are quite simply the ability to show up and follow through.  Just look around, the most successful people do 2 things relentlessly, they show up and follow through.  

2. We can 10x our efforts without increasing our effort. 


By understanding systems, how they interact, where the leverage points are, and how to strategically deploy this knowledge to create more outcome without more struggle.  

For example, if we want to have a greater work life balance, we need to know where our boundaries are between work and life and also what our values are.

By ensuring we are making decisions based on our values (pressing on that leverage point), we can create more balance, joy, happiness, life satisfaction, between work (career, mission, purpose) and life (relationships, fun.)

And accomplish MORE, with LESS struggle (and so much more FUN!)

What questions do you have on this topic?  Comment below or send me an email at [email protected] and we'll be sure to get them answered during the live recording on Tuesday.  

Join the conversation and ask your questions LIVE!


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