How to Set Goals for 2022 and Review 2021

I was inspired this morning at 2:30 AM - Thank you Henry the Kitten for the early morning wake-up call and the zero dark thirty walk with Dakota (my 12 yr old husky.) Some days, aren't so different from being in the military :-)

I was going to publish an interview this week, but instead, I was inspired to record this podcast episode for you based on two things.  A statement that I heard yesterday that stuck with me in a weird way, and a note that a friend wrote in a holiday card.

We are going to talk about newton’s laws today too – because these two objects interacted to create this motion!


One of the most common things I hear from my high performance coaching clients is that they feel stuck, trapped in a profession that they no longer love and they aren’t quite sure what to do.  They have anxiety at work interacting with co-workers, making, literally, life and death decisions, struggling to communicate effectively with clients, and just not...

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