How to define success on your own terms

leadership success Nov 07, 2021

We are hosting TWO, count them, TWO live conversations on Beyond the Stethoscope this week!  

 We are talking with three amazing women who will be sharing their perspectives on how they've defined success on their own terms and we will be discussing the importance of giving yourself permission to succeed!

First up is Dr. Tarryn MacCarthy at 1 pm EST on Monday, November 8th.  

She is an orthodontist, business coach, motivational speaker, and the host of the Business of Happiness podcast. 

Then on Tuesday at 1pm EST, we'll be talking with Alyssa Mages, the Chief Visionary Officer of  Empowering Veterinary Teams, LLC, and her COO, Caitlin Keat. 

 I can't wait to hear what these women say about how they are kicking A$$, loving life, and defining success!

I hope you'll reserve your seat and join us!


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