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Dr. Angela Demaree, a veteran, veterinarian, and sixth-generation Hoosier, currently serves as the CEO and Principal Consultant for PAWS Consulting, a public health, and political consulting firm. As a former candidate for Indiana’s 5th District, she understands what makes or breaks a political run.  

Candidate Survival Guide

Are you a political candidate overwhelmed at the undertaking before you? Do you want to stay off the emotional rollercoaster and run a campaign where you define your own success?

This book is for those with clear goals, who don’t want fear to get in the way of taking decisive action, and are committed to bringing joy to their friends, family, staff, and community. 
If you are driven to make politics better for all and not just the partisan few, this book is for you."

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Nick R.

I liked it a lot! Angela did a great job of applying relevant personal stories to explain concepts. It'll be helpful for a lot of first-time candidates.


Every Person Running for Office Should Read This Book

The book is wonderful! I loved your anecdotes about your Grandfather, Coach & the rude woman at your meeting at the restaurant & Tommy at the parade & the man who said you reminded him of a candidate that he admired.

They brought a warm reminder that we are all human and in this together. I would never have the courage to run for office, but if I did, your book is the primer everyone should read.

Stacy Pritt

Unique Insight

The author’s unique background, which consists of US military service and overcoming significant health challenges, provides insight into a grassroots campaign for Congress. She blends her focus on veterans with a feminist approach to talk about what first-time candidates need to concentrate on as they formulate their campaign strategy. Interesting insights and “hidden gems” include advice on handling criticism and acknowledging the importance of political action committees (PACs).

Leianne Lee Loy

The "Go To Guide" for those who want to make a difference in your community

Dr. Demaree’s knowledge and expertise in her book Candidate Survival Guide: Leadership for the Campaign Trail is priceless.

Dr. Demaree’s writing style is easy to follow and her stories are an inspiration. She is able to take us on a journey of what it takes to pursue the goal of making a difference for our future and the community in which we live. The advice she shares in being a candidate is real, such as - the importance of a dependable team (and battle buddie), preparation for your campaign, remembering your “Why” and honoring this experience.

Whether you aspire to be a candidate for office in your high school class or the next Representative in Congress of your state, this is the book for you.

Thank you Dr. Demaree for honoring us with this book and to all those who find themselves on the campaign trail…Be Fearless!