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Learn positive mindset and strategic planning techniques to overcome any barrier for a successful campaign.

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Angela developed a real-time polling method using basic statistics, available technology and volunteers. She shares her proprietary system with her clients and uses the same innovative approach to custom tailor unique solutions for your campaign.

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Fundraising Accelerator Program

12-week group coaching program to get unstuck and jump-start your campaign fundraising efforts.  Learn science-based tools and techniques to get unstuck and develop a positive fundraising mindset and finally find the joy in call-time!

We limit this group coaching program to 10 candidates running similar level races and no more than one candidate per race is permitted. 

This coaching program is for candidates, finance directors may attend with their candidate; however, they may not attend in lieu of their candidate.

Code of Conduct: 

Please complete this short questionnaire to be considered for the program. We only accept one candidate per race. We do not tolerate inflammatory, discriminatory, or otherwise hateful language, and this behavior is grounds for removal from our programs.  We believe in being kind and thoughtful in our discussions. These programs are a no-judgment zone and we treat each other with respect. 

Fundraising Accelerator Program

Apply Now! Next Group Starts July 14, 2020.

6-Week Intensive Candidate Accelerator Program

Coaching and Consulting Program.

We host this training twice a year (Oct and Jan) to help first-time political candidates jump start their campaigns and learn how to have a successful campaign, while maintaining positive relationships and wellbeing. 

We limit participation to the first 40 candidates who sign up and your group will have no more than 20 candidates running for the same level of office and only one candidate is permitted per race. 

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"When I learned and implemented high performance habits, my whole life changed. I wish I would have known this during my 2016 campaign for even greater levels of clarity, energy, productivity and courage on the campaign trail. "

Angela Demaree, DVM, MPH
2016 Candidate, IN-05

"I always feel better after my coaching sessions with Angela. I have greater clarity and I am ready to take decisive action each week to run a successful campaign. She helped me figure out what my definition of a successful campaign was."

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