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Angela developed a real-time polling method using basic statistics, available technology and volunteers. She shares her proprietary system with her clients and uses the same innovative approach to custom tailor unique solutions for your campaign.

"The first two weeks of the fundraising accelerator program got me organized mentally to think of being of service. Why I'm doing this in the first place and what we need to track. You had really practical suggestions for making phone calls, asking for donations, and the realization that people want to be asked. It was really helpful to have us start where you had us start. The order you presented it was intentional and I could tell it was to help us start at the bottom and build something strong."

Joy B.
City Council Candidate

"I always feel better after my coaching sessions with Angela. I have greater clarity and I am ready to take decisive action each week to run a successful campaign. She helped me figure out what my definition of a successful campaign was."

State Senate Candidate

"When I learned and implemented high performance habits, my whole life changed. I wish I would have known this during my 2016 campaign for even greater levels of clarity, energy, productivity and courage on the campaign trail. "

Angela Demaree, DVM, MPH
2016 Congressional Candidate, IN-05

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