How To Achieve Work Life Balance with Jessica Mead

Season #1 Episode #104

Favorite quotes of the episode: 

“It’s about intentional congruence in our business and personal life.”

“I’m very bullish about my time.”

“It’s important to mold your schedule around what is important.”

“…employees are human beings with deep desires and interests.”

“To be a role model, you need to show up every day with compassion and purpose.”

Episode Overview

In this episode, I talk with Jessica Mead. Jessica is anything but your traditional mom, wife, and businesswoman. She builds her family life and business empire unapologetically and authentically. This helicopter-flying, Disney-mom travels the world as she manages a portfolio of more than 20 companies valued at $100 million dollars while homeschooling two children.


  • Jessica’s unique career journey and hobbies!
  • How to manage your time for Work-Life Balance
  • How to design a life of purpose
  • Secrets to hiring more inspired, effective, and loyal employees.
  • The power of the female investing dollar. Where can we expect to see women investing in 2021?


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